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Millsfield Pond is located in Northern NH near the town of Errol. Around the pond is over 100 miles of trails and logging roads available for ATV use. This site will make our hidden treasure easier to find for ATV riders. Please be sure to follow the rules and stay on the marked trails. These trails are maintained with the money from our memberships, events and grants. Many of the trails pass through privately owned land so please be respectful, without their continued permission, many of these trails could be closed in a hurry.

Our trails can be accessed from 3 locations on route 16, Pontook dam (which has parking), Newell Brook Rd. and from Millsfield pond road which intersects route 16 at the southern Errol town line called 7 islands. Our parking lot is about 6 miles up on Millsfield Pond Road.

There is a new parking area with trail access on 110A just off of route 16 towards Cedar pond road.

The trails intersect route 26 in Errol at 2 locations, one at the restaurant and campground called Log Haven and the other at a large parking lot on Signal Mountain road. The trails cross route 26 Near Log Haven and become the Umbagog club trails on the north side of route 26.

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